King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, March 12


Honda are driven by two types of people. Firstly, cap 'n' mac old farts who drive along motorways in the middle lane en route to some steam fair, so they can sit in a field with their thermos flask and tinned tuna sandwiches. They epitomise the fact the car is made in Swindon. Old, boring and pointless. Yes, both. Nuff said.
Then there's the "I've just passed my test, my mummy and daddy have much too much money, lets see how much we can squeeze out of a 1.6 engine" crew, who scream around in Civics with K&J air intake kits, Bosch high performance injection systems and more chrome then a Dentist's surgery. These cars do 0-60 in 4.3 seconds, have a top speed of 140mph, would leave your granny's teeth at the lights and the twats still put ultraviolet neons in the footwell.
The one nice thing about Honda is the budget they spend on their adverts. In the past they did 'the cog,' which I've said before is one of my favourite adverts. They've also done the sound effects choir, which was very well done (and also very well parodied). They've had some not so well done ads, like the "live the impossible dream' ad during the world cup, but recently they seem to have found their form again with the puzzle ad. The first scene is making a picture of a hybrid engine out of rubiks cubes. This alone must have taken weeks to set up. I cannot begin to imagine the level of skill etc required to get it to that point. It goes on to make more puzzles, and is so refreshing from the usual "let us get you money and charge you for the privilege" ads everywhere else on TV.