King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, March 11

Wind? You wanna try living up a mountain.

People have been sending pictures of yesterday's 'breezy' weather to Sky News. Poor Sky News, they're too trusting. I think some senders are taking the widdle a bit.

Admit it, you just carefully tilted the table over...

Blimey, that must have been hairy to blow a watering can over.

Erm, can you see any damage? Oh hang on, the trellis on the left has fallen over (a bit).

You mean your plant pots fell over??? And what is with the sunflower?

"We struggled to hold on to our umbrellas at our barbecue." BARBECUE???

Is that Maddie McCann in the background, quick call the papers!

And finally...

Who you gonna call?