King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Monday, March 17

On having a bad back

Saturday morning, and I felt a little stiff. *cough*
My back was a little tight, but being the soldier I am (aka wimp who is too busy to stop) I carried on. When your back hurts a bit, take my advice and give up what you're doing. As the day progressed my back made more and more twanging noises, just like Tom's fingers as he falls off a ledge in a Tom and Jerry cartoon. Eventually I was unable to move, and to compound matters I got every non-prescription painkiller, and took a cocktail that I would not recommend to anybody. I then spent the next 6 hours lying in bed, wondering why the ceiling was so many colours and so mobile. I could have watched the F1 live in Australia, but to be honest the sight of cars doing 180mph and I would have probably joined them. Eventually I slid into a fitful slumber at about 5am, and woke up yesterday morning at 10:42. Again, unable to move, I made a few grunting noises as I struggled into the bathroom. The call outs of the day were postponed, and now I am able to move again, but only like a tortoise on Mogadon. And if I'd only taken it easy on Saturday morning, I wouldn't be in this boat.
I wish I'd learn.