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Thursday, March 6

Please don't read. It wasn't on the news...

This hasn't been confirmed by Microsoft, Intel or AOL. It's not been on USA Today, or ITV's This Morning, and it isn't amazing.
There isn't a virus out there that does absolutely nothing to your windows after not telling you it doesn't love you. This virus also isn't being tracked by all the major service providers around the world, and will not allow a share of Bill Gates' immense fortune if you don't forward this on to everyone you know, everyone you don't know, and everyone who's email address you've ever typed. By not doing this, and after you haven't emailed your 13th contact, absolutely nothing will happen out of the ordinary.
And just remember, by doing none of this, you have nothing to lose. Just don't come moaning to me when your email address has been sold to spammers and you are receiving thousands of junk emails every day.