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Wednesday, April 2

The Class Sketch

David Frost is best known today as a no nonsense interviewer, getting answers from slippery politicians on his early morning Sunday programme. What people seem to forget is this straight laced journalist started out as a very funny writer and presenter. The Frost Report was shown in 1966, and would have a not insignificant 14 million viewers. Considering it was shown 5 years before I was born, I'd like to say I'm a huge fan. The bringing together of comedy talent has led to the teaming up of the Monty Pythons and the two Ronnies first met on this show. One of my all time favourite sketches is this week's subject, where John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett all presented themselves and their class in a very clever sketch that is probably one of the greatest even today.

Now the fact this timeless bit of comedy could not be improved should be testimony to it, but whilst researching this I came across a modern remake, written by the same team, starring both Ronnies but with Stephen Fry in place of John Cleese, and shown on a night when most people were out getting thoroughly boozed up (millennium eve). I genuinely think this is even funnier then the original, and had to share it with you.