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Friday, April 11

The day Ystradgynlais almost sank

Yesterday I was on my way to a callout, and as I left the house it went dark. Not just slightly dark, but streetlights on dark. There then followed possibly the heaviest "April Shower" I have ever seen. So much so, that I decided to try and video it whilst driving.
This sounds very boring, but trust me, the first one is nothing on the second one. The Peugeot (pronounced Per-show, Dad) in front of me was no more then 40 feet away, and doing about 20mph, and still you can barely see it.
And they say climate change isn't happening. This time last week I was in Merthyr Tydfil in my T-shirt with the sunroof open, then on Sunday I was having a snowball fight in the front garden, and then yesterday Noah had reason to worry.