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Thursday, April 10

A good day and a bad day...

Isn't it nice when all the pieces to a puzzle fall into place. Let me explain...
Recently I have found myself removing a virus that installs shortcuts onto the desktop. They are (in no particular order) Download Games, Videos, Translator, and a fourth changing one, and this is a sign the virus is there. A check of processes in task manager, and you will see 2 iexplore.exe tasks running, both using about 600k of memory. Stop one, and it'll re appear. Now the thing that threw me was the files themselves. They are stored in two folders, one under the all users/application data and the other under the %user%/application data. The actual folder will normally be 3 or 4 4 letter random words like "bust move card" and inside it will be one exe file that you cannot delete. Using Hijack This, I deleted the file on reboot, and then deleted the shortcuts on the desktop and references in the registry. Then I found out what the virus was, and where it came from. The virus is a variant of an old nasty called LOP, and is installed alongside another virus called Swizzor when people download Messenger Plus and install the sponsor program. The 'sponsor' program is nothing more then spyware, and downloads these viruses after you have installed it. So now I can not only prove teenagers have it, I can show them where they got it, what it does, and I can now fix it.
On the negative side, I had a new experience yesterday, and not a nice one particularly. Going into a shop and all was well with the car, and when I returned a large crack had appeared up the middle of the windscreen (or windshield for those stateside). I've never had this happen before and I didn't know what to do, so knowing a windscreen (or windshield for those stateside) place just around the corner, I popped in for a chat. He looked at the windscreen (or windshield for those stateside) and said it was safe, but it would probably get worse so I should get it sorted soon. He would say that though, wouldn't he. He advised me to get in touch with my insurance company because they'd be able to help, so when I got home I did exactly that. On the back of my certificate it has useful phone numbers, and one said "for Windscreens (or windshields for those stateside) dial 0800 blahdeblah." I did, and when I said what had happened, he asked for the vehicle reg and confirmed my address. He then said I was OK to sort the windscreen, I wouldn't lose my no claims, and would I like to get it done on Saturday. The really nice thing is how professional this guy was. He knew exactly what I wanted to know, he gave me confidence in the work being done, and even knew exactly which windscreen (or windshield for those stateside) I'd need. "Green with a dark blue band across the top." I just nodded unknowingly.
The really nice thing is that since I've had the car the windscreen (or windshield for those stateside) has had marks like white paint in the corners under the glass and the glass itself is chipped in quite a few places, so now it'll all be clean and clear. So even a negative thing has positive results. Oh, and £50 all in before you ask. Not bad for a windscreen (or windshield for those stateside).