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Monday, April 28

On a new Virus

I'm not completely sure, but this time I have seen a new virus that seems to be associated with Starware. Starware is a typical spyware program, hijacking your homepage and installing a toolbar if you are stupid enough to use Internet Explorer. Upon seeing it twice recently, I have done a spybot scan to remove it, and both times it has come up with another two files; Smitfraud and Zlob. These two additions seem to go hand in hand, and also seem to come with starware nowadays. Now the problem is that spybot doesn't completely remove it. A part of it comes up listed at "zlob.downloader.vdt" and when it tries to remove it, it says "I can't. I need to do a full scan after restarting to remove it." The full scan then says the same thing. I spent hours (and hours) one night like a dog with a bone, and wouldn't let it lie. Eventually I removed it using a third party offering called Smitfraudfix, which is a surprisingly effective and thorough removal tool. It not only finds it, confirming you have it in the first place, it also looks everywhere for all traces and removes them. It then leaves you a tidy log file to show exactly what it's done.

Now. Changing the subject completely, I think it's going to be a vote-o for next Monday. Past comments by myself, my father and my sister, have all given hint to three stories for you to choose. No sick-inna-hedge I'm afraid, and very little poo, but still all three will entertain you...
  • "Look out, it's the scuffers*" - Arrested at 13, for breaking into my school.
  • "Don't be a wimp, of course it'll hurt a bit" - A true quote from the delightfully dodgy dentist in Southend Town Centre.
  • "Helmet" - The tale of my trip to Portugal with my father and his second wife to be, and nearly getting done for not wearing a helmet.
The usual cast your vote in the comments is required and the more votes the better (in fact you can vote more then once.)

*"Scuffers" are John's new nickname for the local Constabulary.