King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, April 8

Sport and Politics

Sport and Politics don't mix. Watching Lord Coe tell us how to run the country is about as likely as watching Gordon Brown do the 100 metre dash. It's also like protesting about the Olympics in China because the regime there doesn't affect the sports men and women that'll be taking part. People that do a sport professionally are passionate about one thing, their job. They don't care as a rule about if someone else in the country they will be in upsets others. Admittedly in the past a boycott of South Africa was I think personally justified, but that's because the people affected included the athletes, rugby players and footballers. I don't agree with what's been happening in China and Tibet by any means, but I do think that to protest by interrupting the celebration that is the Olympics is not only pointless, but also unfair. People can work for their entire career to hold up a gold medal in their chosen event, and disruption caused by protesters could even lead to their event not taking place, meaning all the work they have done would be for nothing.
Keep the politics in with the politicians, and the sports out on the field.