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Friday, May 30


Antivirus is as essential today as an operating system. So much so that in the past Microsoft even took over McAfee and incorporated their antivirus into it's version of Windows 95 version 2. For many years Norton were the antivirus of choice for most people, being the most widely sold and freely distributed with PCs from PC World. I see it all too often nowadays though, and mostly because once it's installed in the guise of Norton Internet Security, it stops everything working. My personal choice (and most widely regarded as the best) is AVG, by Grisoft.
AVG is mostly free. People are of the opinion that if it's free then it's not as good as one you pay £20 a year for. Also, how can the company that make it survive if they give away their most popular product. The answer is they charge for non-personal use. Companies, schools, public sector all have to pay to put this on legally, and it's not that expensive compared to others on the market. In the past couple of years AVG has made huge leaps into the protection racket, but these new versions have the disadvantage of not being able to be updated, more like being re-installed. Tomorrow will be the deadline for one of these days. AVG have for the past couple of months warned people that version 7.5 is going to stop working. This is panicking people, whereas what they mean is it'll not update any more. It'll still work, just not have the latest definitions. Obviously, what you really want to do is download the latest version. The problem is their website is so darned difficult to find the free download link. So here it is...
Of course, it would be easier just to download the executable, so I have downloaded the latest version and will host it on some webspace for you to download it.
Download it here (from AVG's site, but may not always work)
or download it from here (one of my customer's webspace, well they don't use it!)
Obviously once it's downloaded, you'll also need to update it for the latest definitions, but at least it'll stop nagging you to update.