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Thursday, May 29

On getting scary photographs.

Not a long post today, but I thought I'd share something to make you chuckle.

I got me some pictures of me as a child/teenager. I don't have many pictures of me in this golden age, and so when my family found pictures for me I was overjoyed. Unfortunately they didn't have a scanner, so I have had to take a copy using my trusty Nokia N95 which is why the quality's not brilliant. See what you think...


On an open topped horse drawn carriage through Cockington Village in about 1975/76. From left to right: Susan, Me, my father, my mother, my grandmother.

Susan and me on our swing in about 1975. Note that she still had her front teeth at this point (original story here)...

My mother, my aunt, Susan doing her best 80s fashion victim impression and me doing my best moody teenager impression in Brugge in about 1985.

And finally...

Me, 20 years ago this week, in the Austrian Tyrol. STOP LAUGHING AT THE BACK!