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Tuesday, June 24

Catching up

Apologies for lateness, I has been to teh Brecon War Memz Hospital and only just got back. The good news is a) I have a heart, and b) it is, in his words, 'impeccable.' Yes, I of the large, he who has his own gravity, the one with more chins then the Beijing phonebook, has a very healthy heart. So we now know for sure that the palpatations are either stress (most likely) or a chemical imbalance (not so likely).

The answer to last week's dogs and puppies

I know some of you are dying to find out the answer. Those that didn't use google (Sharon, or BLS), and those that didn't use an excel password cracker *cough*.

7 kids x 7 bags = 49 bags

49 bags x 7 dogs each = 343 dogs

343 dogs x 4 legs each = 1372 dogs legs

343 dogs x 7 puppies = 2401 puppies

2401 puppies x 4 legs = 9604 puppies legs

7 kids x 2 legs = 14 kids legs

1372 dog legs + 9604 puppy legs + 14 kids legs = 10990 legs.

This week's brain teaser

My father thought last week's problem was too easy (even though he couldn't get the right answer). And so, he sent me this.

Astronauts return to Earth with a newly discovered alien species which consist of only 1 male and 1 female, both 1 day old.
It is learned that they;
  • Cannot conceive until 1 year old.
  • Will reproduce every four months.
  • Produce 4 males and 4 females every time.
  • can no longer conceive after the age of 12.
Assuming they do begin exactly at 1, conceive immediately after each birth until 12,
and none of them die, how many aliens will you have in exactly 30 years.

I said yuck, although I want to see if anyone else got the same answer as me.

And finally...

13 people in a Volvo? Is that not possible? Especially in Llandudno, land of the Scouse scally and all his mates in one car, with the windows down and the bass on his stereo on full.