King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, June 25


Everyone loves to hate Bill Gates. Whether it's because your PC keeps crashing because of his biggest seller, Windows, or because he's got $250billion in his Halifax supersaver account, the fact is we all secretly envy him. Famous for being one of a group of nerds who left just at the critical moment to set up Microsoft (the others went on to form Apple), he's spent the past 30 years developing his software, and the fact that you have to buy his operating system with 99.9% of PCs in the world today, is it any wonder he can (and does) charge what he likes.
Now the problem with being a nerd is people assume you don't have a sense of humour. I beg to differ, and those that know me know I have a better sense of humour then most. Maybe this is why I could never be a fully paid up member of the nerd herd. Bill is in the process of retiring from his humble Redmond office, and so to signify this event, he made a video of his last day. I have to say it rambles on in the middle with politicians and others I don't recognise, but some of it is comedy gold.