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Wednesday, June 18

Gun Crime

Yes, a serious post. Gun crime is a two sided coin in the UK. 10 years ago, in a lame attempt to stop gun crime, the government made it illegal to own a handgun full stop. This meant that all the law abiding, licensed gun enthusiasts that liked nothing more then to go shooting in the local range on a Sunday morning were now penalised and their sport taken away from them. Meanwhile, the problem handguns, held by young hoodies in inner city areas, didn't have licenses in the first place so the law didn't affect them. Nowadays it's (apparently) quite easy to buy an illegal gun on the street. It's also, unfortunately, become quite trendy to have a gun, or at least a knife. The young men (and I use the term loosely because they're more like animals) have led each other into the situation with the forethought "if he's going to have a gun, I'm going to have a gun."
Not many videos trying to stop this sort of thing work. The UK has a system of 'let's shock the public, but not too much," and this half hearted system means that we never get the real message. Channel 4 is currently doing a month long series on gun crime, and they have an advert that does so much more then the government based attempts. After seeing it for the first time last week, I have to say I had a real lump in my throat. It portrays the devastation at a truly inspiring level.

I would say "enjoy", but more like "understand"...