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Tuesday, June 17

Prove you're a genius...

I know I've already sent this to some of you, but this tickled me. Below is a problem. There are no tricks, it's pure maths. It reminds me of the "I was on my way to St. Ives" problem, but like I said, no tricks. Just bloody difficult maths. The answer is the password to the attached Excel file, and the idea is if you open it successfully, you add your name to the list, and maybe a comment. You then email the whole thing on to your friends, just to show them how intelligent you are. The actual problem is as follows...

There is a bus with no driver, but with 7 children. Each child has 7 bags. In each bag, there are 7 dogs. Each dog has 7 puppies. Each dog and it's young has 4 legs.
Question: How many legs are present in the bus?

Excel Spreadsheet

Oh yeah, and I'm not a genius. Just a dab hand at cracking Excel passwords. As you can see (those of you who can open the document) Sharon's also a dab hand at Google. See if you can really work it out, and comment if you did. Not the answer though, that'll be too easy.