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Wednesday, June 4

"Here's your sign"

Bill Engvall is a funny American comedian. Yes, I know it's an oxymoron, but in this case it's true. He's originally from Texas, and has an accent (to me) just like Cuz'n Doug's. It was for this reason I was talking to Doug at the weekend about his most famous sketch. He does a piece about the stupid things people say to each other, and oh how true it is. The fact is not many people in the UK have heard this, and so I thought I'd have to introduce you to some of his gems. The first one is the original sketch, where he explains where it came from. The second is a lot later, and is more along the lines of a follow up. I bet not one of you can listen to this without laughing out loud.


P.S. Happy Blogday Misty