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Friday, June 13

On finding old technology that puts new technology to shame...

Last week my father gave me a box. He told me it had loads of old tapes and CDs that he no longer listened to, and to take it home with me. Imagine my surprise when I opened it up to find a rare and extremely useful Jornada 820.

This bit of kit is now widely regarded as a 'classic' by the powers that be. It was/is one of the first palmtop computers, being only 8" x 6" in size. It doesn't have a hard drive (most of the software is stored on ROM) but it does have compatibility with compact flash memory cards. It's also devoid of any sort of optical device, but does have a USB port to allow this addition if needed. It has a built in touch pad, 56k modem and 4mbps infra-red port, and it even talks to my Nokia n95.
When I first saw this back in 2001, I made an adapter for my father to run it in his car. Being 12v, it was the easiest option to get the 3.5amp current it needs. The battery's tired, only giving me half an hour tops, but this is still better then some laptops today. I might get a new battery for it, or even make or modify one for it, but my main aim would be to install this into the car. I shall have a look what software I can get onto it first, but I would like TomTom on it.
Do you have any technology stored away that would be considered a classic, maybe not now but in the future?