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Friday, June 6

Your first step on the occupational ladder

I didn't have a paper round, because I'd seen how disliked it was by my sister, who would beg borrow or steal if someone else did it for her. She'd always get some mug to do it, and that mug would have been me if I'd got paid. They were only the free papers that every uses to mop up a doggy mishap on the kitchen floor anyway, and no one ever read them.
My first proper job was, like a lot of people, a Saturday job. I'm ashamed to say I worked in Burtons in Croydon, on the shoe concession. I would work all day Saturday and Thursday evening, for late night shopping. I was on a truly remarkable £1.46 an hour, and in total I was loaded each week when I collected my pay cheque for a whole £16.79.

What then was your first job? Did it involve felching the boss? Reveal all...