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Wednesday, July 16

On having a good blowout.

No, not something I do first thing in the morning. As mentioned previously, my opinion of the police is rather lower then it should be. So imagine my delight when about 5 years ago I came across a video where a police car had a blow out at 120mph. After my escapade into greenery on Monday, I remembered this scene, and thought how similar it must have been.
How wrong I was. Sure, there are similarities. The flashing of the side of the road as the car spins round. The Swearing and grunting of the driver as his neck is snapped from one side to the other. The smell afterwards (presumably). But this is so much more of a miracle that he doesn't roll, and ends up all in one piece. The problem is that the video cuts off just before one of the greatest quotes of all time...

"Sheesh. You okay?" he says to his colleague, sat alongside.

"Yeah. A bit dizzy..."