King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, July 11


The UK is full of stereotypes. Possibly more differing ones then anywhere else, but correct me if I'm wrong. Let's look at some of them...
  • Londoners are dodgy cockney geezers. (see Ray Winstone)
  • Brummies are moustachioed boredom mongers. (see Nigel Mansell)
  • Scousers are petty thieves. (see the scousers, by Harry Enfield.)
  • Mancunians are indy music clubbers who like to toke on the occasional Caribbean tobacco. (See Liam Gallagher)
  • Yorkshiremen are flat cap wearing, whippet/pigeon fancying, sheep herding farmers or miners. (see the 1948 show)
  • West country folk are country bumpkins with combine harvesters and a penchant for hard cider. (see The Two Ronnies' Yokels)
  • Scotsmen are warrior like hard men with equally hard whisky habits who hate the English(see William Wallace)
  • Geordies are football mad, brown (broon) ale drinkers. (see Mosh)
Now, my point is this. Take an entire nation like Wales, and barring the sheep shagger, we don't have a stereotype. Or do we?