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Friday, July 18

Tidying up, with a vote-o

John is off school, with a tummy bug. I'm also doing very little, and feeling decidedly ropey, so not a lot is happening here. I am looking forward to a visit later today by a friend without a fear of heights, who is going to help me mount an aerial on the wall. This means I will be able to join the digital terrestrial age, and have a nice new 160gb recorder ready for the new signal.
Following on from yesterday's comments, I think I should offer up a vote-o for Monday's post. Please comment away.
  • Self Circumcision. No description required.
  • Lighting my farts. My contribution to global warming
  • Scouting for boys. My experience of the Baden Powell's cub scouts.
*Edit* 16:00 hours, and just for my sister
  • The wasp in the toilet. A true tale of woe involving a wasp, and my soon to be very sore bottom.