King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, July 9


Kids are easily pleased. Since the dawn of time, kids have enjoyed puppetry. Take a sock, put it over your hand, and open and close your hand and you have a talking snake. The problem with this is you expect, and normally get, kids humour. Such delightful people like Keith Harris, Roger de Courcey and the lesser known Paul Zerdin are all clean living fun ventriloquists. The problem is, it's a dying art. We need some truly inspired comedy, and a basis behind the comedy to make it work. That's where Jeff Dunham came in. He has a plethora of dummies that he uses, but this week's video is testimony to how popular you can become. It has had 54 Million views, which is fairly close to each and every person in the UK seeing it, and it features a dead suicide bombing terrorist called Achmed.

I know you will, but enjoy anyway.