King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, August 28

Anyone seen my Jolly Roger?

Hi, my name is Rik, and I'm a Pirate. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Oops, sorry wrong kind of pirate. I have to admit that I have quite a lot of illegitimate software on my PC. I'm currently running 2 x 250Gb drives. C drive is my windows installation, and everything normal. E (D is my DVD Burner) is full, and only really with downloaded stuff. Plus Net has 5 tariffs for their users...
Tariff 1 is £6.99 and is for old people who want to receive emailed pictures of their grand kids.
Tariff 2 is £9.99 and is also for old people, but they've adventured out into the internet a bit and use things like youtube.
Tariff 3 is £14.99 and is an average account. It comes with 15Gb of download bandwidth, and most people wouldn't hit that if they tried.
Tariff 4 is £19.99 and is on their website as being the highest tariff with 30Gb of Bandwidth. I would piss that away in about 4 days.
Tariff 5 is specially made for me. At £29.99 it's their most expensive tariff, with a whole 80Gb of data. Is it any wonder my hard drive is creaking.

Yesterday I downloaded 1.2Gb of music alone, 2 games totalling 12Gb and 2 videos at 1.5Gb. Now the reason I'm admitting this is because the fact is most of the stuff I downloaded was shite. The games are ok, but will not be worth the £100 price tag. The videos are because I have to go so bloody far to find a cinema that's still open and not banning me from taking in my own sweets/beer/food in general. As for the music, I would buy it, but once again, it isn't worth it's purchase price. I might listen to some of it a few times, but it'll just sit and fester on my hard drive. I have also downloaded other tools that might help me in my work, but for all the sales information on the box (be it in the cyberworld or for real) it might not and normally doesn't live up to it's expectations. Other tools are stupidly priced. Autocad 2009 is used by loads of local small engineering firms. Autodesk appreciate that they can ask for anything for this well used piece of software, but as is with most software installations, it can only be installed on one PC at a time, or you have to buy more then one disc. At £2,000 a time! This is paramount to extortion in my books, and most of these companies wouldn't be able to afford that price tag. Sage is another example of charging the small business the earth, and yet not thinking about the overall cost.
This is why I'm a pirate. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.