King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, August 27


Like most children I was bored stupid in most classes at school. The constant being asked to read text books, or sit and answer multiple choice questions, was and still is not a way to learn about anything. The best way is to make the lesson memorable, something I used to do repeatedly when I taught in the local college.
As a child, a good introduction to fun learning was a series that would be on at Christmas for kids. The Royal Institute would open their doors every Boxing Day, and for 5 days give an hour long lecture on that year's subject. This would normally be a concise, but interesting guide to some scientific subject. One year it would be time (for the millennium), another it was all about food. I still record these lectures every year, and I still enjoy them some 30 years later.
Another series that has been good for edumakating kids is the show that mixes science with beer. 'Brainiac' was first introduced about 7 years ago, and took scientific subjects and presented them in a fun and interesting way. One of the very first episodes took the snore worthy subject of Newton's laws of physics, and that everything doesn't follow these laws (see, I told you it was snore worthy). And how did they do this? They got one of the presenters to walk across a swimming pool filled with custard.

As the series grew in pace, it became more entertaining. One subject I've always felt close to home is electricity. This is very difficult to explain to people and how it flows through the path of least resistance. Brainiac also wanted to demonstrate this, and produced one of the funniest single scenes you've ever seen of a man getting electric shocks.