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Friday, August 22

Long lost brothers

Apparently, and I can't see it myself, Bryn and I could be long lost brothers.

(Bryn's on the left by the way)
Plz to note how he has sandals without socks. This was taken atop the wonderfully scenic and unfortunately full of scousers summit station on the Great Orme, a huge chunk of rock that dominates the skyline immediately above Llandudno. On the way home he thought it would be nice to stop on a local mountain pass called Sychnant. I truly, honestly, and genuinely believe he did this just to see how much he could get my arse hole to pucker, which after about three seconds the answer was so much it could play a trumpet.
Still having little joy with this darned video, but I have 3 animated gifs of the journey to convert to real video, then to piece together, add music, and upload to youtube.
Off to old haunts today, where I can feel a pub lunch coming on. And to cap it all, even the sun's come out. The locals are to be seen pointing at the sky and asking what the bright yellow thing is. I think the last time they saw it was about 1968.
Normal service etc etc on Monday...