King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, August 21

In the land of dodgy scousers, Irish ferries and druids

And so, I break my promise of a video. I have a folder, full to the brim with 1575 1024 x 768 JPGs taken from every 10 seconds of our journey through Wales. Now the problem is I have my humble 5 year old craptop, with broken hinge and only 384Mb of RAM, and the animation software I use to make a video from the timelapse images seems to think there are too many images for it to work with. I will grab some time on Bryn's behemoth later and hopefully the extra power and RAM will mean I can transfer everything to youtube.
The actual journey couldn't have gone much more to plan. I left home just after 11, and aimed to get here between 4 and 5, so arrival at 4:15 was pretty on the nail. I made a couple of observations when I got here...
  • The Britannia Bridge is much too narrow for the amount of traffic it supports.
  • North Wales stills gets rained on too much
  • Holyhead really is a shithole, always has been and always will be.
  • Bryn and his family are very cool.
Today we're going to go back to Llandudno. It is such a nice place for wandering around the shops, and dodging the seagulls. Tonight I'm going to introduce Bryn to my Worcester Mince, and then tomorrow we're going to go and see my family. See you soon!