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Tuesday, August 26

On racism

I am not racist, by any means. My recent foray up north highlighted a hatred for scousers, but this isn't because they're scousers, but because they all seem to be thieving bastards. This is a deep rooted and justified thought process caused by innocence and experience in previous years. It is also the same thought process that happens with Black or African American. When I was at school, you had a large group of (mostly) black kids who were always the trouble makers. They'd bully anyone, and if you didn't do what they wanted, then you were labelled as Racist. My mother would always drill into me that they were no different to me except the colour of their skin, so my mind would then wonder as to why they had such a large chip on their shoulder.
A boy who lived in my neighbourhood was known locally as 'Black Danny.' This was because there was another Danny, who was younger and white. He was known as 'Little Danny' and we didn't know any different. Black Danny was adopted by a white family, and as such wasn't subjected to the embittered twisted tales that a lot of black children are told. Yes, I know they might be justified, but perhaps they could also be exaggerated.
I now have a very good friend called Black Dave. Black Dave is a 6'4" Rastafarian (spellchecker alternates this to 'Rotarian'), and is the first to introduce himself as Black Dave. His explanation for this is because he's Black, and his name is Dave. Once again this stems from him hanging around with another Dave when he was younger. I wouldn't look upon Dave with any suspicion whatsoever, and I certainly wouldn't judge him because of his colour. The fact is, in today's climate, there is doubt across any race because of a slice of that race. We have a deep set suspicion of black teenagers because we all see CCTV robberies involving hoodies and 'popping caps in asses' but this doesn't make us racist.
It makes us survive.