King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, September 11

Being a bloke...

This week, I have mostly been glad to be a bloke. It all started so normally, but as the week drew on, things have just got better and better.

On Tuesday night, I popped into the local off licence for (as my father would call it) essential supplies. At the back of the shop was a shopping basket full with cans of Fosters, and a sign on the front, "69p each, or 4 for £2.49." I told John to grab 4, and when I went to pay, the woman behind the counter said "You can't buy them, they're out of date!"
"Beer? Out of date? Is that possible?" I asked.
The sell by date was end of August. By law, you're only allowed to sell out of date tinned items up to 7 days after the sell by date, and this was 8 days after. This meant she could no longer sell them to me.
"What are you going to do with them? Bin them?" I enquired.
"Probably. Not a lot else we can do," she replied.
"OK, let me save you the trip to the wheelie bin. I'll put them in there for you on the way out," I said with a wink. She agreed, smiling broadly, as I left with 14 cans of free Fosters.

Then last night, with chilled can in hand, John and I settled down for a spot of multiplayer gaming on his and my PCs. As the evening drew on, I thought "this is heaven." Now can you see women doing that? It's the most relaxed I've felt for a long time. And as they'd say on a certain credit card advert, it truly was 'priceless'.

This is why I'm glad I'm a bloke. Simple things for simple minds.