King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, September 3


OK, I admit it, I have too many cats. The problem is each cat has his or her own personality trait that reminds me of someone I have fond thoughts about. See if you can guess who.

Pugwash is the oldest. He moans about everything, he's always thirsty, and no matter how much you taunt him, he'll never play with you.

Turvy is slightly younger. He's really quite overweight, but very strong with it. He can be fun sometimes, but there's nothing he likes more then to fall asleep in front of the telly whilst farting.

Shallot is boisterous. He loves attention, and will let you pet him as long as you don't get too close or he'll bite.

Smokes is a mothering cat. She loves to have kids, mother them, and make sure they're brought up properly.

The kids, Deeley, Slater and Stephens are all too young to have real personalities yet. Stephens likes to wake me up first thing in the morning, normally by purring and farting in my face.

And someone else who's studied cats is a cartoon maker called Simon. He's studied his cat down to the finiest detail, and has produced 3 of the funniest cat cartoons ever.


And my personal favourite...