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Tuesday, September 2

Dude, where's my car?

That's the one. In the distance. The one surrounded by water.

This is the view as up the mountain, above where the car had died, the whole area became submerged. Roads, fields, sheep, all succumbed to a large flood

As I sat there, trying to keep the car from dying, the road started to fill up. It was a couple of minutes after this picture was taken, and as the whole road disappeared, that I decided it would be better to abandon the car.

I got a lift off someone with a nice powerful truck this morning, so that if I needed to get a tow I could. Meanwhile the bridge further down the road was still closed, presumably to clean away all the detritus.

And finally, a quick glance back down the closed road, and you can see a large bank of mud running across.

The funny thing is, I've always said I'd never get caught in anything like that. I'm always the first to scorn people who try to drive through flooded roads because they shouldn't have even tried. And then, there I was, as a flash flood descended my hill, swamping my car. Literally within seconds. I think I'm going to treat mother nature with a bit more respect from now on.