King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, September 5

Strange Dreams

Last night, I think I'd eaten too much cheese. They say that dreams actually only last for a few seconds, but I beg to differ, because I awoke a few times during the night from my bizarre dream, only to look at the clock and then return to said dream.
The dream itself was surprisingly vivid. Those that know me know that I'd love to be on the TV series Scrapheap Challenge. Well last night, in my dream, I was. My team mates were my best mate Adrian, The Random Think, and some nerdy expert. Our task was to make a jet engined bike. We made a miniature one, not more then 2 foot high, and even got the Guinness World record for the smallest jet propelled motorbike. We won, and were so proud of our efforts that we kept the bike, and went on tours around London showing off our engineering prowess. The problem was TRT wasn't so keen on his new found fame, and didn't take it as seriously as me. He kept breaking it 'for a laugh' to see how wound up he could get me. It was then I pushed him into the Thames, after he threw the front wheel into the drink.
I then woke up.
Like I said. Too much cheese maybe?