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Monday, September 8

Speak like a native

In the first in a new series, I'm going to aid you all to really speak like a native. This week, I'll start close to home, and have give you a list of sayings that will help you out in Wales
  • Garech a cer acha 'm dafad? - Would you like a go on my sheep?
  • 'i s yn cerdded at bwrw glaw - It's going to rain.
  • Gwisgwn t angen ymprydia ffyrdd drwo Cymru - We don't need fast roads through Wales
  • Gari 'n llywodraeth? Ch├ón na 'n sylweddol allu. - Do you like our government? They have no real power.
  • Beth s fflat chlytia chan dirio? - What's a flat piece of land?
  • Ca caech unrhyw Cymraeg ynoch? Garech rhyw? - Have you got any Welsh in you? Would you like some? (something used by my father, time after time...)
  • Adwaenoch 'r ffordd at Lloegr? - Do you know the way to England?
Next week: French.