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Wednesday, October 8

On Cattle Markets

This week, 7 years ago (and just after my 30th birthday) Adrian, aka Sharon, and I decided it was a good idea to go on a night out. We decided, mainly in part through his mate Dai just getting out of prison (don't ask), that it would be a good idea to visit the local site for pulling. It is a well known fact, perhaps too well known in fact, that 'Neath Workies' is the place to pull. A 'workies' is a workingman's social club, and Neath has a particularly fine example. Downstairs could be found the 20 and 30 something males, with much too much alcohol in them, and the pool tables. Upstairs could be found the DJ and the 50 something females, with the miniskirts and the bleached blonde hair.
We didn't get in.
We ended up in another nightclub in the centre of Swansea, where Adrian and I proceeded to pull.

The same woman.

I shall regale you with that tale on another day but in the meantime here's a cover of Black Velvet, made all about Neath Workies. It's not particularly clear, but listen hard to the words, and it'll have you laughing out loud.