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Tuesday, October 7

More on computer addiction

About 3 years ago, I touched on the serious (although some people was consider it otherwise) subject of computer addiction. Back then in summary, I felt that as computer addiction became more prevalent, it would become more of an issue. Something, I feel, that hasn't become the case at all. I see signs all around me, every day. The 17 year old girl who was recently had her mobile phone stolen and her power supply for her laptop broke, was hysterical on Saturday night because she "couldn't stay in touch with her friends." This wasn't a gaming addiction, but a real addiction that meant that in her eyes her life was almost unbearable without these means of communication.
I have also been working for a local family who shall remain nameless, but have a 3 year old daughter. This daughter was transfixed by Pepper Pig on Youtube, on the laptop. They took it away so her older sister could have a play instead and she could have some food, and what can be described as a 'benny' took place. I know it's easy to blame it on the terrible twos, temper tantrums, lack of discipline, but in my eyes it really was a grade A example of how the violence and anger can manifest itself. The child was inconsolable, gibbering and shaking as she didn't know what else to do, and eventually the parents gave in and let her play on a Nintendo DS instead. Getting her fix, she then became a perfectly sane and normal child again. I highlighted this to them, and they said "Oh we know, but it's only for now, but she'll grow out of it." I beg to differ. Then, in their infinite wisdom, they decided the other way to tackle it is to use it to their advantage, getting her 5 leapster games. This is more fuel for the fire. The sad thing is, I see it all to often, and more and more often then I have to admit I like. It's not my place to nag the parents, and in this day and age it's not taken seriously, but where will we be in 10 years time? It's a scary thought.