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Wednesday, October 1

On kitch 70s films

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing the latest Hollywood blockbuster, the most triumphant Deathrace. As a film it was thoroughly entertaining, but like it's fairly recent counterpart, "The Italian Job," it's not a scratch on the original film. Sure it's a lot slicker. Sure it's got better acting. Sure, it's had a budget guaranteed to make Bradford and Bingley blush. The fact is, the 1975 film of the same name was so bad it was good.
If you haven't seen the film, then shame on you. The story is simple enough. Post apocalyptic USA has a problem with over population, and so once a year it's declared 'open season' as the race takes place from coast to coast. The drivers get points, equating to time bonuses, for each pedestrian mowed down, but with bonus points for severity. A healthy 30-something man, for example, is only 10 points, whereas a 75 year old granny with a walking frame is a massive 100 points. And boy, do they go for the points.
It was a spring board for a few well known actors, including one Sylvester Stallone, a year before he hit the big time with Rocky. Also it includes he of the 'glass hoppah,' David Carradine. The fact remains, 33 years after it was made, it's still entertaining. Watch out in this week's video for the scene where the local hospital lays out all the old patients on their deathbeds, and David Carradine's character mows down all the nurses instead! Just remember, next time you're out and you spot a teenager crossing the road, accelerate, because it's 40 points.