King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, October 10

Trying times

Life seems to have returned to normality in the Aitch household. In that sort of awkwardness that follows a major argument, the house is very fragile. And also with that associated awkwardness comes the hangover feeling from not sleeping well etc.
With the risk of going into a long drawn out Oscar accepting speech, I'm going to have to stem what I say. I think something concise like "Thanks for all your comments" is very true. I'm a very emotional person, and it's been very hard to read your responses without shedding a tear. In that horrible 'have I done the right thing?' moment, reading everything made me realise that whilst far from perfect, I think I have.
Oh and tomorrow's the 37th anniversary of a fat bloke coming into this world. A chat with the duck on messenger came up like this...
Scaryduck says:
Birthday, plz to send £££££
Scaryduck says:'s a credit crunch thing. The bottom's fallen out of the Welsh Stock market
Scaryduck says:
Sheep Futures are virtually worthless
I'm sure I'll be back to normal by Monday, maybe a little hungover, maybe a lot older (a whole
31.5 million seconds older in fact), and maybe a bit funnier (although this is doubtful).