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Wednesday, November 26

Arty farty music.

Music is now by and large 'thump thump' music or some twat teenager trying to look like he/she has an attitude.

Don't get me wrong, this is a well known sign I'm getting old. But the fact of the matter is that some great pieces of music came from before I knew what music really was. One of the first pieces that I remember was a certain French bloke who liked to play loads of instruments. I would say I also liked the video, but seeing as they didn't appear for another 7 or so years, I can't say I ever saw it until much later. Then someone re-made it for youtube. (Thanks to TRT for pointing me to this late last night)

Meanwhile, another great 70s musician remade his most successful album in 1992. One of the tracks on this great album was an introduction to instruments. Take a simple bar of music, and play it with many differing instruments, introduce each instrument before it is played, preferably with the great voice of Alan Rickman (on the album version, not this one).