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Monday, November 3

The dawn of a new age?

Imagine, 50 years ago, if you said that the best golfer in the world would be black. Or the president of the most powerful nation in the world might be black. Or the world champion of formula 1 (yay Lewis!) would be black. Everyone would laugh at you, the men in the white coats would pay weekly visits to your humble abode, you'd be ridiculed from every possible angle. The fact is, it's happened. And one thing stands out to me about all three men in this situation.
My school was a typical inner city hovel, taking on anybody and everybody. It was probably a 20% black population back then, whereas now I know it to be a lot larger. The majority of the black guys would walk around with a limp like they had a gammy foot. They'd all have a huge chip on their shoulder from the white suppression their ancestors had endured. They'd all have obviously fake Jamaican accents, meaning none of them could say "ask" (it comes out as "arks"), or the fact I'd be "dissin' yo mama."
And this is my point. Can you see Tiger Woods getting as far as he has if he'd done this, or what about Barack Obama's presidential debates done in a thick Caribbean accent. The fact is these three historical figures have been brought up to bear no malice on white people. By treating whites as their equals, their peers, they've got a lot further on in life. But would this stop the gangs and make them sit up and think? Will they decide it's futile "poppin' a cap in someone's ass."
I doubt it.