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Thursday, November 6

Dizzy again

Those unfortunate souls that have me on facebook will know I have gone all dizzy again. Well, yes Dad before you say it, dizzier. For the past week the long gone spells of dizziness that haunted me back in June have come back. This is why I have been feeling so unwell, and to compound matters, it is affecting my driving so I'm telling people I'm not available for call outs. On a lighter note...

You can't get rid of Porn

Or, at least rubber dolls and other sex toys.

I mean, what is he, a pervert? What's wrong with a sheep???

More on Welsh Translations

"I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated."

I like the fact the sign has now been nicked.

Jobs to go at hoover

Welsh A.M. said to be "sucked off"

They missed the chance of a good headline there.