King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, January 8

15 hours to go...

And so, another day, another dollar. Today is going to be one of those days that everyone dreads. One of those days that no one wants. One of those days where a person should just stay in bed. I have to fit 5Gb of data onto a 4.7Gb DVD, get fuel and check the car, get tax for it, sort out a virus on a pc, pick up John, sort out someone's broadband, drop off the DVD, drive 150 miles, pick up my new laptop (a positive), and drive another 50 miles. And to cap it all, I had a customer who I recently upgraded his PC. He went from a celeron 900 to a P3 1400, 256Mb RAM to 1Gb, 20GB drive to 80Gb, and now he phones me and says his skype no longer works, youtube no longer works, in fact nothing works very well any more.
And so, if you're coming tomorrow, I'll be the one asleep in the corner.