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Wednesday, January 7

Saturday night TV

This early evening slot was always a favourite when I was a kid. Basil Brush, Jim'll fix it, Noel's House Party. Over the years there has been a wealth of great TV, until the new millennium. Then it became trendy to either sing or dance, and whilst one channel has some talent competition with singing, the other has a talent competition with dancing. We had Come Dancing on the BBC for decades, and it was never that popular, so why is it now???
Meanwhile, we still get a few gems. Ant and Dec shine as the new saviours of Saturday Nights, what with their tomfoolery and dodgy phone-ins. Only being the new year, the BBC decided to try something new to their schedules.
I have always said that Takeshi's Castle (See Mad Japanese game show sponsored by was always entertaining. Unfortunately, it was filmed 20 years ago, before the Health and Safety Nazis got their hands on it. There have been copies, but they have been pale immitations. Until Saturday.
Total Wipeout, amazingly, is filmed in Argentina. I'm guessing this is for a few reasons; Hardly any health and safety, or personal injury lawyers, sun, and the Argies still hate us for the Falklands thing, so are happy for us to kill each other on their land. This means we get a hugely entertaining show, where people fall off things with bone crushing efficiency.
And this leads me on to today's clip. The slightly chubby chav Maria, fan of Chesney Hawkes, who thinks she can take on the initial assualt course. She can't.