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Wednesday, January 14

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

The comedy gold writing duo that is Dick Clement and Ian Le Frenais came up with this series back in 1983. It was to be a launchpad for many well known actors, including Jimmy Nail (Crocodile Shoes), Kevin Whately (Inspector Morse/Lewis) and Timothy Spall (Harry Potter). Based around the time of a thoroughly unhappy and unemployed Thatcherite Britain, it's the tale of builders going to Germany to help rebuild, as Oz put it, "What we all knocked down in the first place." The pay was a lot better in Germany, and as such this meant that those who could leave, did. Some didn't have a choice, and ended up working away from home for months on end. I recently got a copy of the entire first series, and had in all honesty forgotten how much I really enjoy this fine piece of writing. Meanwhile, my sister remembers it because apparently I remind her of Barry.

The opening titles give you and idea what to expect

Oz (played superbly by Jimmy Nail) doesn't like the Germans. It is his character that most people would consider made this series what it was. And after much searching, I found a compilation showing his hard drinking, hard fighting, hard speaking undesirable character.