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Thursday, January 15

The free arse

I'm incensed. No, not covered in nice smelling smoke, but spitting feathers. I read yesterday that an MP call Graham Stringer has gone on the record as saying that 'Dyslexia's a myth, created by education boards to cover up their own failings.'
Now, if you read this, you'll probably feel the same as me. Those that have met John know he's far from lazy. He's also far from thick, but he is however dyslexic. In fact, he's never going to be able to read or write properly, but this is not a reason for him to leave his special school early nor to spend the rest of his life in a dead end job. Some of the world's most famous sons have had dyslexia, including Winston Churchill (can you see him allowing an MP to say this??), Richard Branson and even Agatha Christie. Interestingly, this also highlights how a dyslexic can also be a visionary, seeing the bigger picture and making use of it.
The twunt known as Stringer has said that people diagnosed with it are just lazy, uneducated, uninspired and unable to work in a classroom environment without causing disruption. I have to admit, it is nice to have a label to pin on someone if they are disruptive to a class and this undoubtedly happens. But to tar everyone with the same brush is not only unneccessary, but also uncalled for, and untrue.
If I had my way, I'd hang him by his bits and make him recite the alphabet backwards and each time he gets it wrong a hole punch is to be used on his scrotum.
Waukre. That is all.