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Monday, February 16

More on Windows

Once again, I find myself on the edge of an epidemic. Last Thursday and Friday alone, I had 5 calls saying that "Windows was saying it wasn't genuine."
Now, I know what you're all thinking. Yes, ok, so maybe it wasn't completely genuine in some of the cases, but the fact remains that some people did have legit versions of XP, whilst others didn't and their system still works. It would appear, rifling through online documents and forums, that this is a widespread problem. Microsoft acknowledge that their authentication system might have gone a little 'doolally' but deny (as usual) that it affects anyone except those without genuine versions of Windows. They also say that anyone who gets this problem, and can prove it is a legitimate version, can call their number (which is not free) and they'll reactivate it over the phone.
I, of course, will do better then that. Whilst another fix is released via the internet, in the meantime I have found at least how to stop it nagging you.
First and foremost, turn off automatic updates. This is done by right clicking on my computer, going to properties and then the Automatic updates tab. When you turn it off, the delightful little warning shield will also appear to let you know that you've turned it off. Click this shield, and then click on "Change the way Security Center (Even on the English UK version, they can't spell that) alerts me." Untick the Automatic Updates box, and the warning will go away.
Now, the problem is, the screen is still saying you haven't got a genuine version. Easy Peasy to fix this. I have written a 4 line batch file that removes the error. Download it here, run it, and restart. Everything will be back to normal, but you will have to replace your desktop wallpaper, which is now a plain black background.
Hopefully this will only be a passing error on MS's part. And before you chime up Debi etc, Apples aren't better because you don't have to do this. In the case of Apple, you'd have to take out a mortgage to fix a problem like this.