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Friday, February 13

On sounding like a Hollywood celebrity

Some people have mentioned in the past I sound like a certain Hollywood celebrity. Those that have seen one of my all time favourite films, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, or the new Italian Job, or any of the Transporter series of films must have come across the 'dodgy cockney geezer' that is Jason Statham.

Now, admittedly, I don't look anything like him. (Yes, I know girls, disappointing huh?) But I do however get repeatedly told I sound a bit like him. This is in part from him being brought up in Sydenham, not a stone's throw from my old manor, and more importantly where BLS even went to school. He could have injuries as a child that would have been treated at the same children's hospital as me, which is sadly no longer there, replaced by a Barrett's housing estate some 20 years ago.
And so, I have created two sound files for you to listen to.
Sound File 1
Sound File 2
I'd like you to say which one is me, and which one is him. And if you haven't heard him before, listening to the trailer shown above is a little unfair, because he puts on a slight American accent. In this clip I found, he's being interviewed on some US radio show via the phone, hence the quality. I then made my recording sound the same by making it sound like it was recorded on a phone. Apart from that, there is no tweaking of the sound whatsoever.
Guess away.