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Thursday, February 19

Sometimes the truth hurts

And so, with 3 days to go until John's Mum leaves, I have seen the evidence that proves that Chris is leaving for the guy I caught her out with back in September. I came in yesterday, and she was dozing on the settee as usual. In the kitchen was her phone, all unlocked and accessible. So, I took a peek.
The phone was literally full of over 200 texts, dozens of picture messages (which I have to admit I didn't want to open) and the phone log was full of calls made and received to Sam. The phone log only went back a few days, but the texts were dated right back to before Christmas and all sorts of untruths were said about me to Sam.
Now I knew this was the case, I just didn't have the proof. All sorts of feelings are going around inside me, and in the past few weeks I have become emotionally drained. I feel sadness, anger, pain, frustration and confusion.
But most of all, I genuinely feel stronger.