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Wednesday, March 25

Comedy Duos

Now, I could witter on about some of the great comedy duos. I could mention Morecombe and Wise, Mssrs Corbett and Barker, Walliams and Lucas (!). Or I could go right back to the start and possibly the most famous comedy duo of all time. A boy born in the New York area teams up with a t' northern lad from't Lake District, and they produce a film series that is as fresh and entertaining today as it was some 80 years ago. Yes, of course, I am referring to Laurel and Hardy. This is possibly one of my all time favourite scenes, along with the one trying to get the kids off to sleep, which unfortunately I can't find.

Now, like I said, no duo have had comedic appeal like that since. One double act that do come close in my humble opinion are the characters played by Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce in "Frasier." The sophisticated humour is unusual for American sitcoms, and the pairing of these two allows a truly monumental bouncing of one gag off the other consistantly throughout all the series that are sadly no longer made. I watch this every morning at 8:30, and not once have I failed to not laugh at each and every episode. Last week, however, they excelled themselves with an episode I'd never seen before, and I have to share it with you. First, for those that haven't seen it (and for God's sake, why ever not?) a bit of background. Niles, Frasier's younger brother, is a rather feeble and weak snob. Following a split from his wife, who was the most un-alluring woman ever, he now prefers to spend time either with his older sibling or swooning after their father's physiotherapist. Everything has to be perfect for him, and he always has to do something to increase his way on the social scale.
And so, my video of the week is Niles, ready for a Valentine's evening with the president of the local wine club.