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Thursday, March 12

On servicing laptops.

Back in the mists of time, if someone said to me "my laptop's broken, is there anything you can do with it?" the concise reply would normally have contained the word "off." The fact is laptops are notoriously difficult to open, and more specifically, notoriously difficult to put back together after. Normally, you'd spend an hour, undoing screws, prising off bits of plastic (normally breaking them in the same process), finding more hidden screws, losing the screws when you turn over the laptop, and then you find that it's the main board inside that's broken and it's not worth repairing. Then, and only then, the customer comes back with "Well, if you could just put it back together, I can just buy a new cd drive/keyboard/mouse and use it that way." That is then the point where the now disassembled laptop is the size of your average football field in front of you, and you have to fit it all back into a case the size of a small jiffy bag.
That was until recently. I happened upon an extremely useful, but not for the faint hearted, website that has full service manuals for most devices, but I use it most regularly for laptops. I thought I'd share it with you, because then some of my customers might read it, and think "F**k it, I'll just buy another." And hopefully this time, they'll learn that maybe the pc that's small and discrete is the better option in the first place.