King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, March 19

Swings and roundabouts.

Now I'm not a deeply religious person. I'm not going to go into a spiel about how if you are good you are rewarded, and if you are bad you are punished. I'm also not going to talk about ying and yang. But I am starting to think that the big man upstairs is looking down on me at the mo. Last week, as you saw, was a particularly lousy week. Food poisoning on Monday, the car broke on Tuesday, and on Wednesday I was told that I was no longer legal in my own house and classed as a squatter. Thursday, not surprisingly, I stayed in bed.
Yesterday, however, was one of those days that you'll never forget. I had to be at hospital for 9 o'clock, and unfortunately the hospital is directly the other side of Swansea. Now those that have been to Swansea will testify to it's bad road layout. It has 3 roads, all converging in the city centre. All of these roads are exceptionally congested, and in a car it would take me between 90 minutes and two hours to get to the hospital. So I took the bike.
The bike, as you can see, has now been re-christened. "The Nutter Scooter." People imagine a scooter being nothing more then a little put-put 50 cc hairdryer, whilst this thing is a behemoth. I stuck on the sat nav, put on the mp3 player, fired up the bike, and had a delightful ride. The traffic must have started 10 miles out, car upon car sat waiting by green lights as the world just stopped. I meanwhile, carefully went down the outside at a sedate 30 mph, and yet it still only took me 35 minutes to do the trip door to door. The sun came out, the bike was performing most excellently, and for the first time in month, I felt a smile inside.
The hospital trip was very boring. I had another MRI scan, and yes, they did find a brain. No, it wasn't doing much. Yes, I know we're not surprised. I popped into a job after, which was a nice job involving verifying a laptop that had a printer dropped on it was borked. I then popped up to the delightful Debbie's for a cuppa before heading over to John's school for his parent's evening. Again, I was greeted with smiles, and compliments on John's temperament. He's working very hard, and he looks like most of his subjects are on track for GCSEs but it's early days. The teachers were all upbeat about his education, and again, I could feel my self smiling from inside. I got home, had my first drink of 3 days, and sat down. Then, without going into detail, someone special to me got in touch, and I'm seeing them very soon. Again, I smiled inside.
Last night, I was exhausted. I retired early, and found I couldn't sleep. The damn smiling inside me was now being a pain. I was too happy to sleep, and anxiety set in. Still, once I fell asleep, I slept well. This morning I have to go out on the bike again (it's such a chore) and the sun is still shining.
I feel like the kid waiting for Christmas Day, all over again.