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Friday, April 17

Going for a jobbie...

Today, for the first time in mumblemumbleteen years, I am going for a job interview. I can already tell though, that today is going to be a nightmare. I have nicked myself shaving, stained my lovely clean shirt with some brown liquid from the iron, which I have since found out to be the iron leaking. I have also found my only decent set of 'dress' trousers have shrunk inexplicably, and the nearest shop that would do my size is about 10 minutes away from Bertie, which equates to an over an hour there and back, so I have to leave soon to ensure I get there on time. I have also just found that money due to be paid to me hasn't been, so I couldn't afford anything whilst there anyway.
The job itself is an interesting situation. Whilst it is classed as a formal interview, the boss has been asking me for years to go and work there. When I took him up on his offer a few weeks ago, he was dead keen. The only downsides I can see are that he wants me to work both days at the weekend, something I'm not prepared to do, and to probably work for minimum wage, but this doesn't bother me so much. I'd be working in a shop, something I haven't done since I was 17, but I'd be working for a company that I've known longer then some of the people that work there now.
I would say wish me luck, but I'm of the opinion that you get a job on merit, not luck. See you all soon